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Adam, you are fantastic. There's nothing else to say.

Oh, and ryons1, he already has an animating career. He ran the special effects department at disney for years, then quit to persue his own interests (brackenwood)


It was hilarious. I didn't get it the first time, but I watched it again, and then I realized it was talking about shit. Hilarious. The atmospheric sound in the background sounded really cool.


It was fairly good, but the music was a little annoying. the walks looked too stiff, though. might I reccomend the Animator's survival kit? It's a great resource. check for it on Amazon . c o m. Also, since you used walk cycles, you should try a little harder to get them to not look like they're moonwalking, their feet were kinda sliding along the ground. try tweening them faster/slower.

friend-of-emu responds:


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-Not original
-ugly, katamari turns into a twitchy ball of crap
-music was obviously recorded by you (badly)
-Overall obviously some effort put into it but it sucked.

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Just awesome

This is an excellent game. The only complaint I have is that after the first couple levels, it was much too easy. Maybe add a few difficulty levels for some replay value? Also, I found that if there were several zombies in a line along the barricade, I would aim at the head of one but end up hitting the torso of the one behind it. This was annoying. Maybe make it aim at the zombie head your mouse is on top of?

Anyway, awesome. got me to waste an hour of my time :)

Fairly decent.

Not a half-bad tutorial. But you made one of your techniques much, much more complicated than it really is. You can do the second technique, the one where it appears to be a gradient moving in from the edges, can be accomplished with much less time and much less information, and too much information will ssllooww down the animation when you play it back. You can achieve the exact same effect with a gradient! (you can adjust them in the COLOR panel) Often, gradients are frowned upon, because they are usually used in the wrong way. But if you look at Adam Phillips' work (prowlies at the river, littlefoot, the yuyu) very carefully, you will notice that he uses gradients quite a lot, but in such a way that they look natural.

Pilgr1m responds:

Thanks for the review, but In this tutorial I was aiming more for complete newbies, that overuse gradients, gradients either are too good or too bad, and I wished to tell all the gradient rapers out there that there are solutions, but Yes I agree with you, I shall put info on that on the next tutorial...


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Excellent, fast paced, great rhythm, great melody. Love the combination of well, piano and guitar.

Goukisan responds:

glad you liked it :P

Not bad

I thought it was pretty good, but it was too short. Maybe add another couple variations on that?

MusicIsBliss responds:

actual song has lyrics, but I thought I would spare you the pain


excellent remix! this one's going on my ipod!

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Sup. I like art and cool shit like that. I also do modelling for Half-life 2 and Garry's Mod. I'm working on a cool project called Gmod Tower.

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